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I have a feeling that many of the people dismissing honking dinosaurs as โ€œnot scaryโ€ have never been near an angry goose

Was curious, so I looked it up.

I published my first podcast on April 4, 2005.

It's a horrid, poorly edited mess, as most first attempts often are.

Still, it's nice to see how early I got started.

"Earbud Buddies," A.K.A. custom cable management.

Examples are made with 3D printing and laser cutting, but designs could be made the "old fashioned" way as well.

Seeing as how today is March 15th, I think I'll have a salad for lunch.

"Scrappy Circuits" made by taking apart tea lights from the dollar store and adding cardboard, paperclips, binder clips, and a bit of foil.

The squeegee we're using to make silkscreened t-shirts doesn't prop up well, which makes things messy.

A binder clip fixes the problem pretty fast.

It's the little things.

Only the printing process is done "by hand." Students made their designs using a free program called Inkscape. The stencil was cut out using my Cricut.

Yesterday my Media Arts majors did a test printing of a t-shirt design. I was a little worried that cardstock would be too thick to use as a stencil, but fortunately fabric is flexible enough for this to not be an issue.

When we're done, each student will have their own unique design on the front and a common design on the back.

In an introspective moment, Smudge wonders if sleeping, eating and pooping really is him leading his best life. Spoiler: It totally is.

The alt text in this comic about file formats made me visibly cringe.

of the five articles I set out to secure, I managed 29

good enough

Proud teacher moment 

taxes, an explanation 

taxes, an explanation 

taxes, an explanation 

LB: "Most likely, Facebook is on Microsoft's Edge whitelist to support the social network's large collection of legacy Flash games."

Candy Crush will be the death of us all, apparently.

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