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not deplatforming nazis is deplatforming everyone else

So now that Masto supports audio uploads, does that mean it's officially a federated soundcloud replacement too?



"tech is ethically neutral" is "guns don't kill people" for techbros

It has occurred to me that if I make ice cubes out of coffee I can then make iced coffee that doesn't get diluted as the ice melts. :blobcoffee:

I need to buy more ice cube trays.


print('I have completed the most basic of lessons in Python! \n Now if only I knew how to do more than print or do basic math...')

I've been tying my shoes wrong all my life and it took reading a book by Bill Nye for me to learn this.

Bill Nye the shoe tying guy.

Video example looked up for this occasion:


โ€œBe flexible in deciding which medium you should use; it must be appropriate to what you are saying. Choose the right form for the content.โ€

-- from 101 Things To Learn in Art School, by Kit White, Number 9




Last Day of Work(?) 

Last Day of Work(?) 

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