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Somewhat disappointed in the number of times I've heard "You will have to buy..." said during this training.

On one hand, yes, I buy a lot for my classroom and don't expect to stop, but on the other, it's gone from charitable donation to expected.

"The 21st Century's been going on for a while now so we decided we should catch up."

When creating a new account for it does ask your gender but doesn't limit the answer to binary choices. Good for them.

In a training for teaching coding. I've been using the tools they're teaching today already, but I'm still going in this expecting to learn plenty of new things.

SciShow Psych made a video on the difference in numbers between males and females diagnosed with ADHD, and made a point early in the video to address non-cisgendered people (and how they were left out of most studies, unfortunately, but still...).

The airline’s website says I'm good until the late 1800s.

I need to bring a "charged laptop" to a training tomorrow and I'm tempted to have it be my PiTop, even though it's a 3B (no +).

Well, I suppose the good news is that I'm not the only person who bought a Pi 4 and can't get the darned thing to boot.

My Pi 4 was going to arrive tomorrow but it looks like it's going to arrive today instead.

I am OK with this change in schedule.


We're looking for Minetest-related educational projects and resources to feature on the official website. Please point us to them! They don't have to be in the English language

#minetest #edutech #freesoftware #opensource

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