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(Also worth noting that NO students asked to hand in Q1 work today.)

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Today, the day after Q1 grades were due, I walked around wearing a micro:bit that had "NO" scrolling across it.

When asked why, I said it was for students who asked if they could hand in Q1 work.

My ulterior motive: I had VERY engaged 5th graders learning how to code the micro:bit today.

emergency raspi4 question: no wireless interfaces found despite fresh buster install on sd card and raspi-config did run

In an all day training for this neat little thing called a micro:bit.

Looks like I've gone and done it.

I'd call this an impulse purchase, but I've been seriously planning this since @djsundog started getting his shipping notices.

So long as @PINE64 doesn't ship in LATE December I'll have it in time to play with over Winter Break. Fingers crossed.

Pinebook Pro Portastudio? Possibly!

(LMMS running a silly thrown together loop with a few effects enabled)

Ah, yes, it is now the temperature where a half-finished cup of hot coffee can in fact become iced coffee.

I approve. :blobcoffee:

Hey #Linux users!

I'm looking for a CD titler similar to a casino CW-100, and associated software and #drivers for #ubuntu or another #Debian derivative.

Do you know of something similar with Linux support? Or am I going to have to stick this thing on an airgapped XP box or a well isolated VM?

LibreOffice 6.3.3 is now available! It includes over 80 quality and compatibility improvements – learn more here:

Depeche Mode implies the existence of a Depeche Median and a Depeche Mean

Today during my club my middle school students did the following:

1. Defeated the monster with the power of friendship ℒ️ (and a nat 20...) thus avoiding combat entirely.

2. Got lost in the forest, then argued over wheather or not they should burn it down.

The next batches of the #PinebookPro are now shipping!

The next pre-order window opens on November 5th. A choice of ANSI and ISO keyboards will be available in this batch. So if you've been holding out for a correctly shaped Enter key (can you tell I'm an American? πŸ˜‰), now will be the time to order!

Team "Spent today doing very important things (tm) that weren't on my to do list."


There were two settings for vinyl, but considering how cheap this 3rd party stuff was I was correct in assuming it was the thinner setting.

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"But Aaron," you ask, "Why didn't you try a small scale test so you would waste hardly any vinyl at all?"

Because I didn't think about it until after I started the cutting process, that's why.

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