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I have participated in capitalistic society long enough to ensure that I will not starve this day.

Now on to more creative pursuits.

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Was give a senior discount without requesting it.

Going to go out and do a social interacting, followed by an exchange of currency for goods and services.

Because I am being a responsible adult and not spending my first day of Winter Break playing Rimworld for 12 hours, no matter what I'd prefer to be doing.

The world is a sad, dark place.

Here, take these. Use as needed.

:blobpats: :blobcoffee: :hug:

Out of Office email is engaged. Winter Break has begun!

Waiting for a late bus to arrive at the end of the last school day before Winter Break.

As one does.

Are you within reasonable driving distance of Lansing, Michigan? Can you take a 10yo pair-bonded German Shepherd mix and Cairns Terrier? Please let me know! My Artie and Rosie aren't allowed inside my current house; I adore them but I'd rather they be in a home where they can be loved and warm. Contact me here or noelledanthony at gmail! :boost_ok:

For it being the week before Winter Break, I have students making a surprisingly high number of good choices.

Less than good choices are still being made, but the scales tip towards the positive.

Not a bad 1st day day back.

sick days 

Learn how to deploy, configure and use LibreOffice Online – the web-based version of LibreOffice – with our new guidebook! Thanks to Aaron Peters and the Google Summer of Docs for making it happen: @GoogleOSS

sick days 

Project roadmap

1. Reinvent wheel
2. Put tire on it
3. Make wheel-tire system rounder
4. Join consortial effort to develop common framework for axles
5. In response to stakeholder pressure on higher administration, form task force to evaluate the costs of buying a car

sick day 

sick day 

Some days my students make me very proud of them.

Today is one of those days.

Rock64 not booting? 

Asking for money for my classroom 

... although I think I might have purchased the wrong size heat sink....

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