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This is more than a one cup morning.

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PineBook Pro Question 

PineBook Pro Question 

PineBook Pro 

With my unable to charge via the barrel connector despite having it less than a month I've bought a USB C charger that should do the job.

Using a USB C charger that came with one of my Raspberry Pi kits works, but it charges incredibly slow (30% to 80% over the course of a work day, though granted I was using it at the same time) and also I kind of need those for the Raspberry Pi computers so the students can use them.

The barrel connector charger for my @PINE64 PineBook Pro apparently broke recently. (That or the port itself is damaged. )

Spent today using one of my classroom Raspberry Pi USB C chargers. Slow going but after a day of use I'm up to 84%.

I have returned from auditions! Outlet I tried to use to keep my PineBook charged was dead, but it still lasted the entire 8-5 shift.

PineBook Pro 

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I've been almost exclusively using my @PINE64 PineBook Pro for school for the past two weeks.

(I had to edit/display video on Wednesday so for that I used a more powerful computer that had the right connectors for our projector, but that's the exception.)

I will NOT say that it's as quick and snappy as the $800 Notebook computer I have been using for the last three years, but it's lighter than my (much smaller) ChromeBook and CAN do almost everything I need it to do.

School Work on a Saturday 

asking for help, $ 

I don't know who needs to hear this but have you remembered to save your work and/or back up your files recently?

@PINE64 Is there a specific key I should be pressing to wake my PineBook Pro up when I close it and it suspends?

Currently I see a green light saying it's on but can't do anything with it. I have to force a shutdown and turn it back on and then it's fine ... until the next time I close it.

PineBook Pro 

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