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This is more than a one cup morning.

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PineBook Pro Question 

@theartguy @PINE64 I just had this problem. You put the eMMC installer on the SD card and that installs it on the internal storage.

PineBook Pro Question 

Is there a way to conveniently move the version of Manjaro Arm I have on my microSD to my PineBook's internal memory?

I'm assuming that will give me a slight speed boost, but more importantly I'd like to be able to use the microSD slot.


PineBook Pro 

This is week ... 3? 4? of using the PineBook as my main work computer.

I'm still using a more powerful HP notebook occasionally, but mostly for imaging/reimaging flash drives and that one time I edited a video.

I COULD have edited it on the PineBook, but it was an hour long and let's be honest I did not have all day to let it churn through that export.

For everything else I need to do for school, the PineBook's working.

With my unable to charge via the barrel connector despite having it less than a month I've bought a USB C charger that should do the job.

Using a USB C charger that came with one of my Raspberry Pi kits works, but it charges incredibly slow (30% to 80% over the course of a work day, though granted I was using it at the same time) and also I kind of need those for the Raspberry Pi computers so the students can use them.

The barrel connector charger for my @PINE64 PineBook Pro apparently broke recently. (That or the port itself is damaged. )

Spent today using one of my classroom Raspberry Pi USB C chargers. Slow going but after a day of use I'm up to 84%.

I have returned from auditions! Outlet I tried to use to keep my PineBook charged was dead, but it still lasted the entire 8-5 shift.

PineBook Pro 

As much as I think the PineBook is still a niche market, I think it's far more versatile for me than a ChromeBook and with the ability to boot from a MicroSD that I can easily image and reimage as needed I am encouraged to take more risks with it, thus helping me learn more.

I want to do stuff like this with my students, but I've seen the way the ChromeBooks are treated in other classes and I worry.

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I've been almost exclusively using my @PINE64 PineBook Pro for school for the past two weeks.

(I had to edit/display video on Wednesday so for that I used a more powerful computer that had the right connectors for our projector, but that's the exception.)

I will NOT say that it's as quick and snappy as the $800 Notebook computer I have been using for the last three years, but it's lighter than my (much smaller) ChromeBook and CAN do almost everything I need it to do.

School Work on a Saturday 

Today is the day students who are not currently attending one of our three Creative & Performing Arts Middle Schools audition to gain admittance.

It's a big deal. I'd argue we're three of the best schools in our fairly large school system.

I'll be on one of the two teams adjudicating for the Media Arts program, and will likely be busy from 8-5.

Today will likely not be easy, but I anticipate it WILL be very rewarding.

asking for help, $ 

My bank account was eaten alive today by an unexpectedly-enormous vet bill, and I could use a hand buying stuff like food and medication. Anything helps, including boosts. Thank you. ๐Ÿ’œ

I don't know who needs to hear this but have you remembered to save your work and/or back up your files recently?

@PINE64 Is there a specific key I should be pressing to wake my PineBook Pro up when I close it and it suspends?

Currently I see a green light saying it's on but can't do anything with it. I have to force a shutdown and turn it back on and then it's fine ... until the next time I close it.

PineBook Pro 

Still overall liking the PineBook and my students think it's cool as well, though I have two things bothering me.

1. Trackpad sensitivity isn't dialed in the way I like it yet. I don't think this is a bug so much as I need to find the sweet spot.

2. If I close my PineBook it suspends, but will not wake up. I get the little green light saying it's on but have no ability to actually do anything. I have to force a shutdown and then boot it back up.

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