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Selfie, ec, COVID-19 adjacent 

Felt like sifting through what remains on the shelves of the local grocery store, might delete later.

Aaand I just recorded 30+ minutes of student instruction with my mic muted.

Learn from my fail. Check your audio settings before each recording.

just had to install Flash on my laptop to be able to access a work training. I think I need to go wash my hands now

This training was advertised as being more advanced techniques, so it seems to have scared away most of the participants who caused issues yesterday.

Good advice is being shared in a non-distracting manner.

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Good morning! :blobcoffee:

I have another 8:30 am training today! It's going to be great!

I signed up for the very first session on the first day of training because...

1. I know how hard this stuff can be so I'm likely part of the more forgiving portion of the audience when it comes to learning curves for live video training.

2. I want to get it out of the way so I can spend the rest of my day on grading and lesson prep.

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Good morning!

Today I have an online training about online training!

We were given some leniency on which sessions to join, so I'm optimistic that I will be learning new and interesting things today!

This is a placeholder for a work related subtoot that I typed up twice before deleting.

I love my career, I really do, in spite of some things that threaten that enjoyment.

Mr. Emberley was an early inspiration for me. He provided tools that I could use in my classes to convince students that, yes, they COULD draw.

Scion Installation LA: Ed Emberley & Friends // Ed Emberley interview

Copyright clarifications 

5. I am ALL FOR massive reform of Copyright, a concept that was created specifically to protect and encourage creative individuals.

Yes, it has been abused since then, but it still does its original job.

Maybe let it still do that instead of throwing it all away.

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Copyright clarifications 

3. Those on top tend to stay there. An independent artist missing the tools to survive will sink. Corporations will just start stealing (more), because what's to stop them, now?

4. "We'll stop them," you might say. "We'll stop using their stuff." Well that's excellent in an ideal world Nestle's still afloat after saying you don't have a right to water so we don't live in a world where we get to see that work.

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Copyright clarifications 

1. I know copyright is broken and abused. It needs reform.

2. It's also one of the few things that keeps independent artists from having their work taken out from under them. This is very prevalent in the photography genre but it happens elsewhere, too. Copyright suits are a tool that independent photographers NEED to keep publishers in check.

Childrens' Author Death 

RIP Tomie dePaola, author of Strega Nona.

He e succumbed to complications from surgery after surviving a fall.

LeVar Burton has been looking for stories to read on livestream but has also been worried about copyright violations so Neil Gaiman gave him blanket permission to read any of his stories and that's a nice thing tbh.

Nearing the end of the student work that needs to be graded.

Send spoons.

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Today's morning is filled with cardboard and storyboards.

Oh, and :blobcoffee: of course.

My supervisor has organized several of the teachers who cover my content area (including me) to create lessons that can be done from home.

I'm told that every student will have access to a device. That device might only be a ChromeBook (unfortunately, based on our content area's use of non-browser-based software), but it's amazing what one can do with just a web browser these days.

For the first time in weeks, I feel hopeful.

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