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cry HVAC! and let slips the dogs of maintenance


Friendly reminder that it’s much appreciated if you put selfies and the like behind CWs 🌟 For example, some people have trouble with unsuspected eye contact.

Went to bed at a more decent hour than usual.

Slept in 1/2 an hour.

This is not how that's supposed to work!

I'm considering setting up a single user instance, and I'm wondering if anyone has done any attempt at performance optimizations for single user servers. Specifically something to reduce the amount of memory the app needs. Reading here, there are a few configurations that can be done, but not sure how much it might help. #mastodon #SingleUserInstance



I can only assume from my feed that Eugen sold the fediverse to Nintendo

$ (-) 


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Increasing Gender Equity in Elementary School

Seeking to bring more girls into STEM classes, educators examined their students’ and their own attitudes about gender.

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