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Only the printing process is done "by hand." Students made their designs using a free program called Inkscape. The stencil was cut out using my Cricut.

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Yesterday my Media Arts majors did a test printing of a t-shirt design. I was a little worried that cardstock would be too thick to use as a stencil, but fortunately fabric is flexible enough for this to not be an issue.

When we're done, each student will have their own unique design on the front and a common design on the back.

If you could spare a couple dollars to help me pay for groceries and my top-of-the-month bills, I'd really appreciate it. #transcrowdfund

In an introspective moment, Smudge wonders if sleeping, eating and pooping really is him leading his best life. Spoiler: It totally is.

The alt text in this comic about file formats made me visibly cringe.

of the five articles I set out to secure, I managed 29

good enough

Proud teacher moment 

The final question on Exam 1 in my physical science class is always "Name an actual living scientist. The scientist can't be fictional, dead, or your professor." (For 0 points)

I was glad to see that many of my students wrote their own names.

taxes, an explanation 

Despite what a lot of people believe, you can't ever take home less money by getting a raise, under the current US tax system. If you "move into a higher tax bracket", you're still getting taxed at the lower rate for the income you were making before - the higher rate only affects the income within that bracket.

And now you know!

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taxes, an explanation 

So you take home $16,000.

But this year you got a 3% raise. You now make $20,600.

Many people believe that you are now taxed at 25%, so you'd be paying $5,150 in taxes and taking home $15,450 - LESS than before your raise. Mais, non.

You pay 20% on your income up to $20,000, and 25% on your income between $20,000 and $40,000. So you pay the same $4000 on the first $20k, plus $150 on the $600 above $20k. That puts your tax bill at $4150 and your take-home at $16,450.

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taxes, an explanation 

In the US, we have graduated tax brackets: for your income IN EACH BRACKET, you pay a certain amount in taxes. It's important to make that distinction, because you don't pay the top tax rate on your full income - just on the income that falls in that bracket.

An example: let's say the bottom two brackets are:

* $1-20,000: 20%
* $20,001-40,000: 25%

And let's say you make $20,000 a year. You fall into the first bracket and pay 20% ($4000) in taxes.


LB: "Most likely, Facebook is on Microsoft's Edge whitelist to support the social network's large collection of legacy Flash games."

Candy Crush will be the death of us all, apparently.

Microsoft Edge contains a hidden whitelist that lets Facebook always run Flash, even bypassing click2play policy:


So the instance that thought dog piling meant tell the victim of the dog piling they had to leave ...

The instance that, when I was cleaning up old accounts, I discovered had turned off my 2-factor authentication ...

THAT'S the instance that is now owned by a company.


Radio host / comedian Joe Clair came to my school today. My students got to ask him questions about what he does and how he got there.

The whole event was incredibly inspirational and I'm glad our kids had this opportunity.

I can take no credit for this. Our other Media Arts teacher did all the organizing and it was incredible.

Welp. I have been hit with one too many unexpected expenses and I'm officially Broke for the rest of the month. If you've got a couple bucks you can toss toward groceries, I'd really appreciate it.

Looks like this is another day for writing something, then deleting it instead of posting it as it does not pass my bar for "worthy enough to be shouted into the void."

I hope I have interesting things to say again, soon.

Illness, Widower, Imposter Syndrome? 

My wife went through a LOT. Dozens of surgical procedures, frequently sick, and so on.

So when I am not feeling well, there is always a small (?) part of my brain that insists I am fine because I don't feel as bad as she did on a "good" day.

Having a father who did electrical work with his entire leg in a cast after falling 14 feet doesn't help either.

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I am at that level of sick where I intend to teach all my classes but had to cancel my club.

I am displeased.

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