Strictly out of curiosity...

If you won't touch Chrome outside of job requirements, and you don't like Firefox, what browser do you use for non-work things?

I'm not looking to switch, but I'm curious if everyone's just using a browser based on one of those two choices.


I’m using Safari now. Was using Firefox but stopped when they announced they were accepting cryptocurrency as payment.

@crash I'm using Vivaldi these days. I really wish there was a viable alternative, but I cannot do without uBlock Origin and LastPass.

(I know.. I know... I keep going back and forth with the devs about the bugs I keep tripping over in Passky. Not usable.)

@crash I write my own! ;-)

Though I would recommend something built on WebKitGTK. A little behind on web features, but that's rarely a problem.

@crash As far as I am aware, _everything_ that isn't Firefox, or official Chrome, is Chrome with a costume on. (Yes, including Safari, despite what Apple wants you to think.) You don't actually have the option of avoiding both of them anymore.

What about GNOME Browser and Konqueror? I think neither of them is based on chrome or Firefox.

@drwho @crash Hmm, I should make a video about my browser launcher. I have an own browser agnostic bookmark system/url bar tool. So I frist type where i want to go, and then it asks me which browser to use (with luakit being the default).

@sh @crash That sounds really interesting. I'd like to watch that.

@crash I use qutebrowser, although I'd love to find an alternative since they switched to qtwebengine sometime back, which is based on Blink. Before that they were webkit based, and at least that's one step removed from the monoculture.

What I really want to see is Gecko able to run without Firefox again.

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